KCRW Broadcast 593

Fanatic, it’s not like you need me to tell you anything and I’m obviously not qualified but I’m willing to bet that you’re past your limit on how things are. I’m willing to bet you were past it weeks or months ago. I’m not able to read your mind but if this is the case, I can tell you that it’s been the same for me. 

All my shows for this year canceled. All the travel plans I had dissolved. Like people all over the world, I’m making adjustments and doing the best I can. I get that some things won’t be back to how they were. I know it’s hard to complain as it’s abundantly clear that everyone is going through something because of this virus. That being said, that doesn’t make your grievances any less valid. It’s hard to keep your mouth shut in an atmosphere of such frustration.

Two nights ago, I went to my usual coffee hang out and sat outside of it for half an hour just to do something. Driving home, I felt foolish but I think it’s par for the course with what we’re all going through presently. 

I know you’re handling all this and like I said, it’s not for me to hand out life advice but may I offer as a mere idea, that for at least two hours every Sunday, or whenever you’re listening to the show, please know that myself, Engineer X and Engineer Am Rock are doing our best to keep it happening on our end and that we’re putting the show together knowing that you might very well be listening a bit harder than usual. For these two hours, let us do the lifting and just let yourself dig the jams. 

There is SO much great music to look forward to this year. You’ve already seen the Stooges Goose Lake LP, the two new records that Mr. John Dwyer put out in the last few days. I’ve had these for months and have been looking forward being able to put them on the show when we get the green light. A few hours ago, I got yet another new album we’re going to have to wait on for a little while but it’s going to be great, so we have that. 

Fanatic, hang in there. Good nutrition, fitness as safely as you can get it done. Music, books and persistence. We’ve got a great show for you tonight and next week’s is already prepared. 

We are so glad you’re listening. 

Maintain and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry