KCRW Broadcast 597

Did you check out the cool Gun Club and Ruts DC 7”s Larry Hardy and I put out last week?! I know, they were gone fast. At the end of this month, on the next RSD, we’ve got another 7” that, I have to say, I do believe we’ve outdone ourselves on this one. We’ll give you a heads up a few days out. 

I hope you’ve been taking good care of yourself. I can only imagine how done you are with things. I hope you like interesting times because Fanatic, we’re definitely in them. 

I know that was a lot of information. We’ve got a great show for you. Thank you for listening. Times are very, very trying right now. Hang in there and keep listening to music. 

Stay healthy and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry


Henry Rollins