KCRW Broadcast 612

Fanatic. I hope you have been doing great since we last gathered to commune with the tunes.

I’m trying to stay busy and get things ready for 2021. My 2022 tour is coming together and even though it’s a year away, I’m still excited about it. I wish it was starting this January. I hope things will be in a better place and I actually get to do the shows. That part feels a bit remote but I’m hoping for the best until I hear otherwise.

Next week, we will listen to the 2020 Tony Visconti remix of David Bowie’s 1970 classic The Man Who Sold The World in our second hour. Something to look forward to!

Fanatic, we are trying to make our two short hours together something you look forward to and to help keep your mood elevated as best we can. Have a great weekend and a safe week ahead.

Keep listening to music and stay Fanatic.

–– Henry