KCRW Broadcast 613

Fanatic! It’s 12-25-20, I’m in the office, listening to cassette #4 of the American Tapes AM 664 Full Scales ‎Half Clothed Home-Truths six cassette box set. It’s a great one.

Nowhere to go! It’s been super boring at times around here but it’s not like I don’t have a ton to do. None of it is all that exciting but it needs to get done. Yesterday was great. I had a safely distanced lunch with the team over at Bomp! Records. It was kind of funny to be sitting across the room from each other, conversing like we were in a wind storm but these are the times we’re in.

Fanatic, this is the show where we listen to the 2020 remix of David Bowie’s 1970 The Man Who Sold The World. It’s interesting but I still prefer the original. Anything done by Tony Visconti is worth checking out. I just wonder why it was done. I just thought we should check it out from start to finish to get a truer understanding of the project. A song here and there wouldn’t have given it the context and respect the project deserves.

Otherwise, for our last show of the year, we have what we hope you will find to be a great set of tunes. So far, I haven’t heard that we’ve been canned, so it looks like we will be back next week in 2021. The show is already done and it’s a great one. Engineer X requested the show a little early to accommodate holiday schedules.

2020, well, we’re still here. 2021 will have to be better, right?! Let’s make it so!

Make your holiday safe and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry