KCRW Broadcast 618

Fanatic! It’s good to be back with you, I hope the week was as good as thing allow. Right now, it’s Friday night. I’m listening to Machine Gun Etiquette by the Damned, the Drastic Plastic 200 gram black vinyl pressing. Sounds great. All those Drastic Plastic Damned reissues sound really good. It’s been raining here, which as you might know, is pretty rare for this part of the country. It would be a perfect time to be somewhere other than in the same place I’m at pretty much every night. I guess I could get in my car, drive to my pre COVID Friday night perch and park outside of it and write this but that’s a bit much for even me. 

Fanatic, I was always hoping this was going to happen and finally, it did. Evil Power, the crushing album by Lair Of The Minotaur is on LP. I’ve played it twice and it’s so good. We’ll have a track from it on next weeks show. This is the album that contains my favorite LOTM track, which is the second on the first side. Here’s the site info.

You might notice, Fanatic, that we start our second hour with a track by Mr. Paul Leary. Yes, the one from the Butthole Surfers. Great guy. He has a new solo album out called Born Stupid. We have been cleared to play the title track. 

You also might notice that we finish the second hour with the title track from a relatively new Osees record. It’s a long track, so get ready to all in. I say a relatively new track because there seems to be a new Dwyer related release ever other week. I think the vinyl is sold out on Weirdo Hairdo but the download is available. Next week, we will be able to start tracks on the Witch Egg album on the great Rock Is Hell label. This features John Dwyer, Bent Arcana and Thee Oh Sees era Dwyer alums. I’ve had this album for about five months and have been looking forward to the time we’d be able to start playing tracks. I think it’s one of the coolest and most interesting things Mr. D has done to date.  

Weirdo Hairdo

Witch Egg 

I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Thanks for checking out the notes and our show.  

Keep playing records and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry