Global Beat Mexico: Greta Ela + Palmasur, Altoparlante, babas tutsipop

Written by Marion Hodges

Sounds from Altoparlante, Babas Tutsipop and Greta Ela that have earned the Señor Discos stamp of approval. Babas Tutsipop photo by BP and both Altoparlante and Greta Ela are courtesy of the artists.

KCRW’s Global Beat is a series highlighting emerging artists from around the world. Our second season takes us to Mexico, hosted by KCRW DJ Raul Campos alongside our curators, Mexico City DJ and music supervisor Junf, director of Festival NRMAL Moni Saldaña, and NPR’s Betto Arcos.

Junf returns to launch the new GBM segment, “Señor Discos Vibes,” with a particularly punchy Afro-Latino disco-funk number. Plus, off-kilter pop with a toothsome center and lo-fi beats to NOT study and chill to. 

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Greta Ela & Palmasur – “deja de estudiar” 

The soothing, lived-in-chill of this alt-R&B collab comes via Northeast Mexico’s Greta Ela teaming up with Puebla's Palmasur. “Deja de estudiar” translates to “stop studying,” and that message appears to be aimed at the perpetually desk-bound YouTube folk hero, lo-fi girl

Altoparlante – “Todos lo conocen

New segment alert! Junf has declared that at least one track in each of his GBM episodes will be dedicated to host Raul Campos’ alter-ego with what he refers to as, “Señor Discos Vibes.” Altoparlante are ideal for this official launch, with the duo balancing hyper-intense day jobs with the intensely funky Afro-Latino disco sounds they contribute to Mexico City’s thriving nightlife. 

babas tutsipop – “todo lo que pasa” 

Guadalajara's Ana Vera returns to Global Beat, this time as a member of the resolutely off-kilter indie pop outfit babas tutsipop. If you’re reading the word “tutsipop” and thinking about this, you’re on the right track. The band is named for the famed hard candy with the stickily toothsome center. It fits.

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