Mamas Gun makes KCRW HQ the place to be.
Video directed by Angie Scarpa. All photos by Michael Quintero.

Mamas Gun: KCRW Live from HQ

Intimate performances, fresh sounds, and candid conversations with a view.

The past year has seen UK neo-soul quintet Mama’s Gun in high demand. Following the release of their well-regarded 2022 LP Cure The Jones, the group embarked on a whirlwind tour of the US in the summer of ‘23. Despite the packed schedule, Mamas Gun was able to find the time for a hearty, and downright wholesome set Live From: KCRW HQ.

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Fresh off a full show in Colorado the night before, and directly on their way to rock the Teragram Ballroom, the five-piece gave us an intimate midday set for KCRW friends and fam. No interview, just a solid series of finely honed tunes including Cure The Jones highlights like “Go\od Love,” “Party For One,” and “Looking for Moses.” Plus, they broke out a few deep cuts including longtime KCRW favorite “This is the Day.” 

Because of the high level craft at work here, we’re presenting this in its entirety. Click into the audio player for the full experience, and check out the video for a visual feast of a highlight reel. 

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KCRW Music Director: Anne Litt
Director / Editor / Color: Angie Scarpa
Director of Photography: Vice Cooler
Camera Operators: Dalton Blanco, Vice Cooler, Angie Scarpa
Recording / Mix Engineer: John Meek
Executive Producer: Ariana Morgenstern
Producers: Anna Chang & Liv Surnow
Digital Producer: Marion Hodges
Digital Editorial Manager: Andrea Domanick
Art Director: Evan Solano

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