Welcome to Okay Kaya’s (sur)reality.
Video directed by Angie Scarpa, all photos by Andres Herrera.

Okay Kaya: KCRW Live from HQ

Intimate performances, fresh sounds, and candid conversations with a view.

Idiosyncratic bedroom pop artist Okay Kaya (Kaya Wilkins) brings highlights from her 2022 album SAP — and points beyond — to (still) life in the Annenberg Performance Studio at KCRW HQ. Belying her music’s sparse, intimate sounds are gut-punch lyrical observations, often fixated around mental health and social interactions (or lack thereof), and off-kilter instrumentation that sneaks up from behind to seize attention. 

The New Jersey-born, Norway-raised musician delivers a performance art presentation of standout tracks, including “The Lesson,” “Jolene From Her Own Perspective,” and “In Regards to Your Tweet.” (Watch to the end for a bonus dance break). Plus, Okay Kaya talks with Morning Becomes Eclectic co-host Novena Carmel about her ceramic band featured in the video, a love/hate relationship with language, and the pros/cons of creating in solitude. 

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All photos by Andres Herrera.


KCRW Music Director: Anne Litt
Interview: Novena Carmel
Recording / Mix Engineers: Hope Bush
Assistant Recording Engineer: Katie Gilchrest
Video Director / Editor: Angie Scarpa
Camera Operators:  Vice Cooler, Dalton Blanco, Angie Scarpa
Producers: Anna Chang and Liv Surnow
Lighting Design: Jason Groman
Art Director: Evan Solano
Executive Producer: Ariana Morgenstern 
Digital Producer: Andrea Domanick

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