MBE July 29: Beyoncé day, Lava La Rue, ‘90s jams

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Happy Beyoncé Day to all who observe. The perpetually perfecting artist has bestowed “RENAISSANCE” upon us, and without a trace of hyperbole we can state that the most anticipated album of 2022 easily withstands the fanfare. God help you if you were on Twitter looking for literally anything else when “RENAISSANCE” dropped last night.

We’re gravitating towards the comparatively mellow groover “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA” for the moment, ask us again on Monday though… 

Beyond Bey, waves of gentle yet potent R&B course throughout today’s show, as we spotlight an equally great new EP from West London’s Lava La Rue. La Rue raps, sings, and crafts all the beats for their debut release. Plus we’re throwing it back to 1992 with a classic cut from Jade that went on to inspire A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour.” 

All this and so much more awaits. In the words of Queen Bey “It’s the way you listen… I like it.”





Anna Chang