MBE Dec. 8: John Carrol Kirby and Eddie Chacon do it live

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John Carrol Kirby, Eddie Chacon and Anthony Valadez at Annenberg Performance Studio at KCRW HQ. Photo by Anna Chang.

The coolest things come in pairs — rock and roll, Novena and Anthony, Peanut Butter… and Wolf. And, of course, cornerstone artists of LA institution Stones Throw Records, John Carroll Kirby and Eddie Chacon. After last week’s soulful sojourn from Lee Fields, the two stalwarts of LA’s creative class are our latest guests, live and direct from the Annenberg Performance Studio at KCRW HQ. 

Self-described “Low-key R&B legend" Eddie Chacon made an indelible mark in popular music as half of the duo Charles & Eddie, whose 1992 single “Would I Lie to You” was a number one hit heard around the world. The group’s 4-million-record-fueled rocket to the stars lasted a few years, and Chacon spent the next couple of decades away from the music industry. He returned to music in 2020 with the release of “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness,” helmed by LA production great John Carroll Kirby. 

Now inside of KCRW’s studio walls, the pair crafts an intimate set — soft, sweet, transportative. Think: lush meadows under perfect skies. The soft rasp of Chacon’s vocals atop Kirby’s jazzy, New Age production results in a dynamic and poignant interpretation of Chacon’s R&B roots. Their mid-set chat with Anthony is equally chummy, with the duo reflecting on the influence of LA in their art, a diverse range of musical inspirations, and the importance of “never letting anyone talk you out of who you are.” 

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Anna Chang