MBE Feb. 13: We celebrate Trugoy The Dove (De La Soul) and Novena Carmel

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Dave Jolicoeur performs with De La Soul at KCRW and the Annenberg Foundation's Sound in Focus at the Hammer Museum, August 2015. Photo by Jeremiah Garcia.

A long night of crate-digging leads us to this moment. News of De La Soul co-founder David Jolicoeur’s death broke yesterday. Among the seminal exemplars of hip-hop at it’s funkiest, most positive, and most sampladelic — De La Soul’s way of constructing sound is worthy of endless scrutiny. We’re digging deep for the samples that make up their DNA  including James Brown, Grand Funk Railroad and Jeff Beck. Plus, more classic De La cuts featuring Dave aka The Dove aka Trugoy (yogurt spelled backwards) front and center à la the 1996 release “Itzoweezee.” 

Plus, we celebrate our Aquarian queen Novena Carmel with specially selected tunes to serenade her, birthday style. And you’ll learn the number one song on the Billboard Top 40 from the day Ms. Carmel was born. Hint: It’s a good one.





Anna Chang