MBE Jan. 19: Capricorn GOATs, and sweet slow jams

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We’re sending Capricorn season off in style with birthday dedications to a few of our favorite goats including FKA Twigs, Mac Miller, and the actual GOAT — Janis Joplin. 

Keep your ears peeled for the brand spankin’ new, and oh so sweet slow jam stylings of London-based indie popper Yellow Days. His latest single “Soul Smile” extends his prolific run of 2022 releases well into the new year. 

And we’re still swooning over the inspired pairing of Wazahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield with the transfixing LA-based singer-songwriter Jess Williamson. The two joined forces last October to deliver their debut LP I Walked With You A Ways, and we have a standout cut from that album to offer you as a FREE download





Anna Chang