MBE Jan. 25: MBE inspired new music, tropical tapestry D’Angel-versary

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Everything is connected to the infinite power as we bring you a sneak peek of whimsical, Saskatchewanian multi-instrumentalist Mocky’s newest single days before it officially drops. Wondering what makes it so connected? Turns out, Mocky was inspired to craft “Eternal Samba” after a particularly fruitful morning listening to MBE.

We’re also connecting it back to the year 2000 as we revisit D’Angelo’s seminal album Voodoo, released on this very day during that once very futuristic sounding year. Listen extra closely for the story of the Questlove conceived,  D’Angelo x Lauryn Hill collab that was initially meant for Voodoo, but found itself delayed and reimagined.

Plus, electrified tapestries of tropicalia from Tagua Tagua, classic Serge Gainsbourg, and plenty more.





Anna Chang