MBE Jan. 30: Y La Bamba world premiere, Lil Yachty gets psyched

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What a day for a world premiere! Mexico City experimental dream-pop outfit Y La Bamba has always been a prolific act, even finding the space to release singles during the early days of COVID-19 lockdowns. At the same time, their work is always deeply considered and imbued with story. It’s a story we’re thrilled to share as we bring you “Dibujos De Mi Alma,” the official first single from Y La Bamba’s forthcoming seventh album, Lucha, due April 28 via Tender Loving Empire. 

Translating to “Drawings of My Soul,” the track is described by Y La Bamba’s frontwoman and principal songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza Ramos as, “a song of longing for this person but at the same time trying to detach myself from the unhealthy parts of connection.” Hear it now, and ready yourself for the further complexities of Lucha as whole, which will go deeper into thorny relationship dynamics, the isolation inherent during peak “shelter in place,” and Mendoza Ramos’ decision to leave her longtime home base of Portland for Mexico City.

Plus, we are very much here for Lil Yachty entering his psych-rock era, and LA-based gospel-forward house producer Seven Davis Jr. delivering his spin on a house classic from Aly-Us.





Anna Chang