MBE July 18: Bob Dylan meets Kenya, new Mykki Blanco, lo-fi bossa nova

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As a youngster in Nairobi, Kenya, ONDARA heard the music of Bob Dylan and knew he had to get to Dylan's home state of Minnesota. At 20, he made it to Minneapolis, taught himself guitar, and developed an otherworldly sound, which we hear on a cut titled “An Alien in Minneapolis,” off his forthcoming album due out Sept. 16. We’ll also hear one from Dylan himself, providing that tender reassurance we could all use on a Monday with his 1963 release, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.”

Another album we eagerly await is from rapper and performance artist Mykki Blanco, who announced the drop date (October 14) with a nostalgic love song called “French Lessons,” teaming up with experimental songstress Kelsy Lu. Additional features on the album include Michael Stipe, Saul Williams, Devendra Banhart, Jónsi, and more. 

And speaking of love potions, Bruno Berle out of Brazil delivers his own magic spell, with his bossa nova for the bedroom on “O Name Do Meu Amor.” This one is off his album “No Reino Dos Afetos,” which translates to "In the Realm of Affections.”





Anna Chang