MBE July 19: Toe tapping tunes for your Tues

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English electronic producer and former member of the post-rock band Fridge, Four Tet was recently blessed by a remix of The Cure's Robert Smith, and has new music that dropped today! But we get into “Nova,” the unearthed cut from Four Tet and fellow British electronic musician Burial that was released 10 years ago at the height of the Soundcloud dance era, yet feels completely current in a genre-less 2022. 

Speaking of hidden gems, we’ve got the first ever digital release of Roy Ayers “Baby Doll” from the 70s, featuring the great Bernard 'Pretty' Purdy on drums, William Allen on bass and Chano O'Ferral on congas, with vocals, keys and clarinet taken care of by Mr. Ayers himself.

Also dripping in 70s inspired swagger is the track “Brumaire” from Marxist Love Disco Ensemble out of Italy. Merging disco, post-disco, 80s pop, and bringing boogie into the fold, their album “MLDE” is out September 16th! It was recorded using only analogue instruments, giving it that warmth and space we love to feel as we get the day going. Grab it here!





Anna Chang