MBE June 6: Soul legend Ural Thomas, gospel glory, and Osaka psych rock

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On a walk through Portland’s Mississippi district, you might come across a charming wooden house built with found materials under the overcast Oregon sky. It's the home of 82-year-old soul legend Ural Thomas, who uses the abode to work on medicinal music with his band The Pain. Sharing the golden era of ‘50s and ‘60s soul on the track “Heaven,” we enjoy a dose of their new album, “Dancing Dimensions.”

We also bask in a handful of the gospel greats, including influential powerhouse Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s “Jericho,” a 1980 release from The Clark Sisters, and “Everything is Love” off of the debut album of a gospel choir making house music. You can delve in even deeper after the show on Press Play, where Madeleine Brand highlights a new book exploring the legacy of the women who, despite the twin odds of racism and sexism, transformed gospel music.

Plus, a cut from the fourth studio album by Osaka psych rock pioneer Shintaro Sakamoto.





Anna Chang