Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, March 23, 2023

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We saved you a seat on our flight to Mexico, where Global Beat guest curator Moni Saldana is celebrating four female artists from wildly different backgrounds, bringing pop, trap, cinematic sounds, and a divine reinterpretation of a classic to the table. 

Also tucked into today’s show are cuts from The Chemical Brothers, Nia Archives, and Bjork. What do all these artists and you have in common? Coachella 2023, baby! They’re all going to be there, and there’s a chance you will too. Today only, you have the chance to win an ~*elite*~ desert experience — a pair of VIP Coachella tickets — simply by supporting KCRW. Beyond experiencing a whopping slate of live music, VIP gets you access to exclusive lines, vendors, hang out spaces, air conditioning, nice bathrooms (major key), and more. No promises, but there’s a good chance you’ll also meet some KCRW DJs and other Very Important Pals who are also rocking VIP. So do it NOW. Show up for us today so that we can continue showing up for you!

And, of course, HBD to musical giants Chaka Khan and Damon Albarn — thanks for showing up for all of us through your resounding work. 





Anna Chang