MBE Oct. 14: Shambolic dreamgirl, woozy psych-folk, cutting-edge cello

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In need of a little multitasking inspo?  Look no further than first-generation Iranian-American artist Rahil. Not only is she a major force within the shambolic-band-of-post-punk-dreamgirls, Habibi, she moonlights as a DJ, photographer and solo artist. Sway gently along to her woozy cover of South Korean psych-folk singer Kim Jung Mi’s “Haenim,” and keep your ears peeled for her forthcoming EP. 

The genre-hopping, and culture-spanning continues as we pass the torch to Monterrey’s Moni Saldaña for another edition of Global Beat Mexico. This week, she’s highlighting the cutting-edge women of Mexico’s alternative scene. What does spinning from classical cello to modern dance-pop in three songs or less sound like? Only one way to find out…





Anna Chang