MBE Oct. 31: Spooky Szn Special

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Good morning boys and ghouls! Anthony Draculadez and Novena Spooktacular (a.k.a. “the creature”) wish you a wonderfully spooky Halloween. 

Today we’re celebrating with a fresh batch of the gravest hits of the season. Jam out to some cumbia, thriller, Italo-disco, and hip-hop for the day dedicated to the magical and mystical. Some of our favorites include Portishead, Mentronomy, and Childish Gambino, all of whom deliver funk and fun, perfect for all your fall festivities. 

Where else can you hear Chop-hop hometown pioneers Cypress Hill (Today’s Top Tune) and Dolly Parton back to back on Halloween? Parton’s haunting “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” was played last year on this day, and is back by popular Twitter demand. Take a listen for a dark and unexpected twist.  





Anna Chang