MBE Oct. 4: Rest in Power Loretta Lynn, Gabriels get the most play, Sure Sure gets cheeky

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News of country music icon Loretta Lynn’s passing sparks a morning tribute set in celebration of a woman beloved not only for the powerful twang of her voice, but the risks she took; barriers she broke; and authenticity she brought to her lifetime of work. On her 1970s releases “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and “The Pill,” she tackled social issues with wit and grace, paving the way for generations of message-driven voices to come. See: KCRW favorite Say She She whose recent protest anthem, “Norma,” has been on repeat and cranked to 11 in light of recent events.

We're also diving further into "Angels & Queens," the long-awaited debut full-length from Gabriels (part of it at least) — currently number one with a bullet on this week's Top 30 Chart. Plus, cheeky LA-based indie poppers Sure Sure — a band with whom superfans of political podcast behemoth Crooked Media are already in a parasocial relationship — have just dropped their sophomore album and we're loving every bright and breezy second of it. And you'll find out which post-punk anthem ranks at number 23 on Henry Rollins' list of punk/punk adjacent favorites

It's all at your fingertips so (to borrow a phrase) just press play.





Anna Chang