MBE Oct. 5: Cellphones x orchestras, literal house music, free tix for Jessie Ware

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Lean in for a full program of utter transcendence. Hiroshima-born Jonah Yano began recording tracks on his cellphone, but now generates full orchestration on his latest release, “portrait of a dog.” Electro-producer bad tuner pumps out ‘90s house-inspired jams from his Brooklyn apartment, and beams them directly to your ears via KCRW’s radio waves. And prepare to spill some tears on your desk or dashboard as we share the heart-string-puller of a Beatles harmony that inspired Frank Ocean to give Lennon and McCartney a songwriting credit on "White Ferrari."

Plus, we want to send you out to take in some VIBES courtesy of lowkey pop star Jessie Ware at the Belasco on Sunday, Oct. 16. Enter here for your chance to win, and listen on for aural bliss.





Anna Chang