MBE Oct. 6: Nilüfer Yanya guest DJs, Say She She Live from Apogee

Nilufer Yanya hangs with Novena and Anthony at the KCRW studios. Photo by Arielle Torrez.

Fresh off a dreamily disorienting lake-side Desert Daze performance, and mere hours before jetting back to England to perform alongside the iconic Roxy Music, singer, songwriter, and art-rock guitar goddess Nilufer Yanya joins MBE with some fresh song picks from KCRW favorites Sudan Archives and Aldous Harding, plus an introduction to her fellow UK-based avant-pop act, No Home

Yanya settles in with Novena and Anthony to share the tunes and discuss the strenuous guitar workouts and cryptic vocals that compose her endlessly cool 2022 sophomore album, “Painless.”  They break down “Painless” being dubbed “best difficult second album,” talk about preferred habitats, and go deep on the raw emotional qualities that draw Yanya to music and visual art alike. 

But wait, there’s more! Straight ahead of discodelic trio Say She She’s debut album “Prism” (out tonight!), the band joins us with a knockout KCRW Live From session and candid chat with Anthony Valadez. Lose yourself amidst the stratospheric high notes, show-stopping horns, and rhythmic abandon that the outfit brings to Bob Clearmountain’s legendary Apogee Studio. Then head to kcrw.com/music to check out the full video, photos from this epic night, and more hidden gems. They’ll be live at the Lodge Room on November 11t — DO NOT sleep on these waning chances to see Say She She rocking intimate rooms. 





Anna Chang