The Midnight Mix, Part I

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If you haven't sampled our early, early morning musical fare, here's your chance to do it without losing a wink of sleep. Our midnight DJ's will be on the mic taking over Morning Becomes Eclectic from host Nic Harcourt on Thursday and Friday, November 22 and 23, from 9am to noon.  Each of the hosts will be doing one-hour versions of their own show to introduce the morning audience to the sounds they can hear regularly from midnight to 3am.

9-10am:  Aaron Byrd (Pangea, Thursday Mid-3am)
10-11am:  Dan Wilcox (Digging for Fire, Saturday Mid-3am)
11-noon:  Thomas Golubic (The Great Escape, Tuesday Mid-3am)

Banner photo: Aaron Byrd, Thomas Golub and Dan Wilcox





Nic Harcourt


Ariana Morgenstern