Madam Bombs: ‘Get Me Out’

All of this week, Today’s Top Tune is devoted to sharing the work of some of the most gifted nascent musicians we’ve culled through the KCRW’s Young Creators Project. Claire FitzGerald, 16, Marlowe Shachory, 17, and Samara Ellis, 17 make up the dynamic punk trio Madam Bombs, who channel their fierce energy outward on their song “Get Me Out.”  

Hailing from Simi Valley and Agoura Hills, the group has been playing raucous shows together for over two years, but their favorite gig was a prom in Santa Paula last May for teens who missed their proms due to COVID. Madam Bombs underwent a lineup change earlier this year that’s seen the trio explore a shift in style as they’ve begun writing more songs, meshing their varied tastes into “kind of an alternative rock.”  Listen to “Get Me Out” and check out its deliciously DIY live performance video here





Ariana Morgenstern