Ras: ‘Blessed’

Today’s Top Tune dedicates this week to sharing the work of some of the most gifted burgeoning artists we’ve found via KCRW’s Young Creators Project. Next up, it’s Leimert Park’s Ras, who’s been honing his rap and hip-hop craft since 2015. Now 20, he initially got into making music through a high school music production class, which led to his DAW of choice, Ableton. He helms both the production and recording for his tracks, whose raw, asynchronous flow punches effortlessly over his lofi, chillwave beats and melodies.  

“Music is how I express and communicate certain moods and feelings,” Ras says. “It's everything for me.”

Get a taste with the radio premiere of “Blessed” and put eyes on its surrealist video here





Ariana Morgenstern