FREAKS ONLY playlist Feb. 15: French fun vs. LA noir

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There must be residual Valentine’s vibes in the air as we’re breaking out sultry French cuts from longstanding FREAKS ONLY faves Polo & Pan, La Femme, and Kate Bollinger. Could all of this Francophile frivolity be a way to get you primed for a very special guest mix next week? Only one way to find out.

As for the rest of this mix, it’s not all froth. Brace your ears for a downright nasty, bone-rattling joint from LA-based dance music grand experimenters Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio. And if you’re craving more darkness, catch the release party for Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio’s latest Glossolalia on Saturday, Feb. 18 at Rubycon Records — featuring a set from former KCRW DJ Mario Cotto. See you on the floor.