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Photo: NASDAQ, a visualization of a single day of trading on the NASDAQ, illustrating the difference between normal and anomalous data (2012). (Stamen Design)

An LA Councilman wants companies to disclose border wall bids 6 MIN, 16 SEC

Photo by Scott L

LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo has introduced a motion that would require companies seeking contracts with the City to publically disclose if they are also submitting contracting bids to build President Trump's border wall. He joins similar efforts in the city of San Francisco and in the state legislature. He cites past examples like the boycotting of companies that did business with South Africa during apartheid. But the LA Chamber of Commerce says it is "inappropriate" for the city to make a "value judgment" about the qualifications of the bidder. Besides, should such a test apply to companies who built parts of the wall for previous administrations?

Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles City Council (@gilcedillocd1)

LA councilman's proposal targets companies seeking work on Trump's planned border wall
Helping to build Trump's wall? An LA leader wants the public to know

Marciano Art Foundation mixes contemporary art with freemasonry 12 MIN, 17 SEC

Private museums showcasing contemporary art are booming. Over 300 have been built since 2000, mostly in South Korea and China. But in LA they are sprouting up too -- just think of the Broad Museum, the Main Museum in downtown's historic district, and the new Berggruen Institute that will be built by philanthropist and investor Nicolas Berggruen. Then, opening next week, we have the Marciano Art Foundation, founded by Guess co-founders Paul and Maurice Marciano.

Kulapat Yantrasast, founding partner and creative director of wHY,
and designer of the Marciano Art Foundation.
Photo by Frances Anderton

What makes this different from other private museums is the venue: it's housed in the imposing Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Hancock Park, designed in 1961 by Millard Sheets, and contains much of the decor and props left behind by the Masons.

DnA talks about what's behind this explosion in private museums, whether there's an audience for all this contemporary art, and how designer Kulapat Yantrasast responded to the legacy of Sheets and the Masons.

Christoph Noe, Larry's List (@larrys_list)
Joe Day, Deegan Day Design / Southern California Institute of Architecture
Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY

Sneak peak of LA's Marciano art museum which debuts May 25
Masonic Temple art museum will open in late May
Everything you need to know about the new Marciano Museum
On the rise of single-donor private museums and shifts in art giving

Stamen uses maps to bring data to life 8 MIN, 54 SEC

Atlas Of Emotions, an interactive tool designed to build emotional awareness, inviting users to visualize, identify and explore five primary emotions in order to gain a better understanding of how they influence daily life (2016). Project partner: Paul Ekman and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Photo by Stamen Design

The world is awash in data, so some are looking for more creative ways of expressing, or visualizing, it. Stamen, one of the leaders in the field of data visualization and mapping, was just recognized by the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York with a 2017 National Design Award for Interaction Design. Stamen uses everything from animation to interactive, 3-D maps to tell their stories. These include a single day of trading on the NASDAQ, sea level rise, immigration patterns, coalition casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, and "Facebook Flowers," a visual depiction of how an image spreads virally after George Takei posts it on Facebook.

So why are people so in love with maps right now, especially when fewer people can actually read a map? And how does Stamen find the sweet spot between information and art?

Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen (@ericrodenbeck)
Jon Christensen, UCLA / Stamen Design (@the_wrangler)

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Inner peace? The Dalai Lama made a website for that
An atlas of emotions, Inspired by the Dalai Lama
A dead-simple tool that lets anyone create interactive maps
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