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Photo: Mr. Fries Man fries up a batch of french fries in his backyard (Stan Lee)

Sunchokes, squash and pumpkins at the market 7 MIN, 55 SEC

This week, Laura Avery has her sights set on sunchokes, squash and pumpkins at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Jason Prendergast, the executive chef at Tender Greens in Santa Monica, shares tips for making squash with maple syrup, sunchoke chips and oven-baked pumpkin seeds. Then Romeo Coleman talks about the six-month growing cycle of sunchokes on the farm in Carpinteria.

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Dining with leaders, rebels, heroes and outlaws 8 MIN, 55 SEC

By now you know that Hillary Clinton carries hot sauce in her bag and Donald Trump claims to make a mean taco bowl at Trump Tower. But what did Richard Nixon, Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill like to eat? Ahead of the final presidential debate on Wednesday, gastro-detective Fiona Ross fills us in. Her new book is Dining with Leaders, Rebels, Heroes and Outlaws.

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Why isn't Native American cuisine more hip? 7 MIN, 31 SEC

Foraging for local ingredients has become incredibly trendy in the high-end restaurant world. So why aren't we seeing more indigenous foods like buffalo, frybread, squash and salmon on the menu? Senior associate editor for The Atlantic, Emily DeRuy, explains the obstacles faced by Native American restaurateurs.

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Don't throw shade on my ngau lam 13 MIN, 8 SEC

Last summer, Ruth Tam wrote a powerful essay for the Washington Post in which she revealed how a high school classmate made fun of her home because it "smelled of Chinese grossness." Her love for her family's food was overpowered by her desire to fit in, she writes, "so I minimized Chinese food's role in my life and learned to make pasta instead. Little did I know that Americans would come to embrace the dishes and cooking styles that once mortified me." Tam, a writer and public radio producer from Chicago who now lives in Washington, DC, joins us to discuss food shaming and the reaction she's gotten to her piece since it was published.

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Mr. Fries Man goes viral 11 MIN, 19 SEC

There are lots of places to go in Los Angeles for great loaded fries. But in Gardena, one home chef is carving out a niche for himself. Craig Batiste goes by the name Mr. Fries Man. His menu is made up of big portions of tasty, made-to-order fries. There are more than a dozen toppings and sauces to choose from, including shrimp, snow crab, braised oxtail and pork belly adobo. KCRW reporter David Weinberg shares the story of how Mr. Fries Man's fries went viral thanks to Instagram.

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Jonathan Gold dines at Gus's Fried Chicken 6 MIN, 37 SEC

If you've been listening to the show in recent months, you've gotten the lowdown from our favorite food critic Jonathan Gold on where to go for hot chicken, Nashville-style, and Asian fried chicken, six different Waze. If it's Memphis-style hot birds you're craving, hit up Gus's Fried Chicken in Mid-City. Don't forget the fried pickle spears, fried green tomatoes and a slice or two of chess pie. Plus, Jonathan's LA Times review of the joint.

Gus's Fried Chicken
1262 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Music: "I Giovani Benvenuti"

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