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Is the Nevada Senate race a bellwether for America? 5 MIN, 57 SEC

President Trump, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama were all recently in Nevada, rallying for Democratic Senate candidate Jacky Rosen. Nevada is getting a lot of attention because it’s one of those purple states that’s vital to both parties in the upcoming midterms. Democrat Jacky Rosen and incumbent Republican Dean Heller are very close in the polls.

Jon Ralston, editor of the Nevada Independent (@RalstonReports)

With Republicans energized, will there be a blue wave? 9 MIN, 27 SEC

Races across the country are tightening just two weeks ahead of election day. That’s particularly true in some races that Democrats need to win if they want to retake the House. In Orange County, a new poll gives Republican Dana Rohrabacher a slight lead over his Democrat challenger Harley Rouda. That’s a reverse from a few months ago. In another bad sign for Democrats, President Trump’s approval rating has it its highest mark yet.

Sean Sullivan, politics reporter for the Washington Post (@FixSean)

Beverly Hills School District opposes the Purple Line 8 MIN, 34 SEC

Work on the extension of the Purple Line from Koreatown to Westwood has already started. But the Beverly Hills School District has been fighting it ever since plans were first introduced about six years ago. That’s because the Purple Line will run underneath Beverly Hills High School. The district says it’s worried about students breathing bad air from the construction work, and the possibility of an explosion from oil and gas pockets that sit underground. The district has filed four lawsuits to halt construction. There have been protests. And a lot of that activity is being funded by school bond money, which was supposed to be used to improve aging school facilities.

Laura Bliss, staff writer at City Lab

Beverly Hills Has Financed Its Metro Fight With $13 Million In Local Taxes

LA brewery had to pay off a man who didn’t like the idea of a beer education class for women 12 MIN, 12 SEC

Ting Su, owner of the Eagle Rock Brewery, noticed that when women came in with their male partners, the women didn’t seem to know as much about beer as their dates. So she created beer seminars for women. Then Stephen Frye, a member of the National Coalition for Men, filed a claim against the brewery, citing California’s Unruh Act, which outlaws sex discrimination. Frye’s group is responsible for some 300 Unruh lawsuits, according to the New York Times.

The Eagle Rock Brewery's beer education class for women. Photo courtesy of Ting Su

Ariela Gross, professor of law and history at USC (@arielagross)
Ting Su, owner of Eagle Rock Brewery

A Fight for Men’s Rights, in California Courts

‘Bodyguard’ is the most popular show since ‘Downton Abbey’ 11 MIN, 53 SEC

The British political thriller “Bodyguard” began airing in the UK in August. The first episode drew more than 10 million viewers. It’s the largest audience for a new drama on British TV since “Downton Abbey.” It was so popular that even real life politicians weighed in, including Prime Minister Theresa May. But maybe it was too close to home. May said she couldn’t relax watching it. On Wednesday, Netflix will release all six episodes of the show in 190 countries.

Roslyn Sulcas, dance critic and culture writer for the New York Times (@rsulcas)

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