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What happens after Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban? 8 MIN, 47 SEC

President Trump got a big victory at the Supreme Court today with the court upholding the administration’s travel ban. It’s Trump’s third travel ban. The other two were struck down by lower courts. This one includes seven countries. Five of them are majority Muslim: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. And two are non-Muslim countries: Venezuela and North Korea.

Lanhee Chen, Hoover Institution Fellow (@lanheechen)

A win for anti-abortion forces, as Supreme Court rules on crisis pregnancy centers 9 MIN, 8 SEC

The Supreme Court today struck down a Ninth Circuit Court decision on the California law called The Reproductive FACT Act. The 2015 law requires crisis pregnancy centers -- which are often faith based -- to inform clients that the state provides free or low-cost abortion services. Justice Clarence Thomas, writing for the majority, said that violates these centers’ anti-abortion beliefs and therefore their First Amendment rights.

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate (@dahlialithwick)

Supreme Court Rules That California Can’t Make Crisis Pregnancy Centers Reveal What They Are

The motel as a homeless shelter 8 MIN, 42 SEC

LA is putting homeless families in motels. That gets them off the streets -- but living there can be rough. Reporter Deepa Fernandes spent much of the last few months at these roadside motels around the city.

Sophia Diaz and Jose Ramirez pose with their son and a friend’s son at the motel. Photo credit: Matt Rogers.

This segment was produced with support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Deepa Fernandes, Reporter, KCET (@deepafern)

With nowhere to go, motels become homeless shelters

San Francisco Mayor-Elect London Breed's aggressive plans for housing and homelessness 6 MIN, 58 SEC

London Breed will be the first African-American woman to serve as mayor of San Francisco. She’ll be sworn in next month. She’s 43, and has worked in government for years. One of her priorities for homelessness is to have all tent encampments cleared out within her first year in office. She says her aggressive housing plan is to build more units faster -- for low, moderate, and middle-income residents.

London Breed. Credit: London Breed for Mayor campaign.

London Breed, San Francisco Mayor Elect (@LondonBreed)

San Francisco Mayor-Elect London Breed’s aggressive plans for housing and homelessness
San Francisco Mayor-Elect London Breed’s aggressive plans for housing and homelessness

Marti Noxon creates new TV shows based on her personal experience with anorexia and alcoholism 13 MIN, 51 SEC

Marti Noxon has written and produced a string of hit TV shows, from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now she’s created two new shows. One is “Dietland,” about women taking up arms in the name of feminism. The second is “Sharp Objects,” about a journalist who investigates a murder in her hometown, and she struggles with alcoholism and carves words onto her body.

TV writer Marti Noxon at KCRW. Photo by Amy Ta. 


Palm Tree Inn; Sophia Diaz and Jose Ramirez pose with their son and a friend’s son at the motel. Photo by Matt Rogers.

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