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In his latest speech to the United Nations, President Obama never mentioned Israel and the Palestinians, but a new round of deadly violence has been escalating in Jerusalem and the West Bank — leading to dire predictions about potentially long-term consequences. Is there a new Intifada on the horizon? Can the rest of the world continue to look away?

Later on the program, the Gallup Poll drops out of the presidential horserace. 

Photo: The Temple Mount, with the al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock and Dome of the Chain. (Michael Jones)

New Lawsuit Targets Psychologists in CIA Torture 6 MIN, 18 SEC

In the aftermath of September 11, the CIA adopted a program of torture — painstakingly documented by a Senate Committee investigation. Now some survivors are filing suit against two psychologists named as architects of the program. Steven Watt is an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, representing two clients and the family of a third, who died.

Steve Watt, American Civili Liberties Union (@aclu)

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Heats Up Again 33 MIN, 6 SEC

Deadly violence continued today, with three more Israelis fatally stabbed by Palestinians who were then shot dead by Israeli police. The pattern has been repeated since rumor spread that Israel plans to change the rules for prayer at a site considered holy by both Jews and Muslims. There are predictions of a new Palestinian Intifada, and Israel’s already cracking down — as daily life becomes a nightmare for neighbors on both sides. Despite preoccupation with Syria, Iraq and ISIS, the US and the rest of the world may not be able to look the other way much longer.

Joel Greenberg, freelance reporter
David Horovitz, Times of Israel (@davidhorovitz)
Ghassan Khatib, Birzeit University (@ghassankhatib)
Hussein Ibish, Arab Gulf States Institute / International New York Times (@Ibishblog)

Greenberg on violence in Gaza, Hamas leader's call for an uprising
Horovitz on the Jewish prayer ban, Palestinian response
Khattib on the need for a new paradigm on Israel-Palestine
Ibish on Palestinian President Abbas' UN ultimatum to Israel
Ibish's 'What's Wrong with the One-State Agenda?'

Still Life with Bombers

David Horovitz

Gallup Dips Out of Horserace Polling, Focusing on Issues 10 MIN, 5 SEC

With so many candidates in both political parties, polls showing who's leading and who's not are more important than ever. Like the Republicans before them, Hillary Clinton and four other Democrats will be on stage tonight in Las Vegas because of their standing in such public opinion surveys. So-called "horserace" polls of their popularity even determine where candidates get to sit. But now that standard is being called into question by a polling firm with a reputation going back to Franklin Roosevelt's re-election in 1936. Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of the Gallup Poll, explains the decision.

Photo: Phil Roeder

Frank Newport, Gallup Poll (@gallup)

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