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Photo: US Pacific Command has deployed the first elements of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)  to South Korea, implementing the US-South Korean alliance’s July 2016 decision to bring the defensive capability to the Korean Peninsula. (Department of Defense)

Trump pre-emptively attacks the Congressional Budget Office 6 MIN, 32 SEC

Since his candidacy began, President Trump has challenged accepted authority in politics and government. His latest target is the Congressional Budget Office. Some Republicans want to delay voting until the CBO has estimated what it will cost in money and lost health insurance policies. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says, "If you're looking to the CBO for accuracy you're looking in the wrong place... Their record is what I'm calling into question, when you look at the number of people and the cost they scored the last Obamacare bill on they were way off. That's a fact." Sam Stein, senior politics editor for the Huffington Post, calls the criticism ironic.

Sam Stein, Huffington Post (@samsteinhp)

Will President Trump's first foreign policy test be in Asia? 34 MIN, 2 SEC

Barack Obama warned Donald Trump about trouble from North Korea, and his prediction is coming true. With North Korea's missile tests and America's missile defenses, China says they're like trains accelerating toward one another. China itself feels threatened, and South Korea, where the defenses are being installed, has just kicked its president out of office. Meantime, North Korea's Kim Jung Un appears to have orchestrated the public assassination of his half-brother. Is all this building up to a regional crisis? 

Shihoko Goto, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (@GotoEastAsia)
James Acton, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (@james_acton32)
Sung Won Sohn, California State University Channel Islands
David Sanger, National Security Correspondent for the New York Times (@SangerNYT)

Goto on President Trump and whether Asia is on the brink of a (trade) war
Acton on whether Trump can enforce his red line on North Korea
Sanger on North Korea tensions posing an early, and Perilous, test for Trump
Sanger on Trump inheriting a secret cyberwar against North Korean missiles

Who are the hundreds of officials Trump has hired so far? 11 MIN, 4 SEC

Is the President draining the swamp… or taking the plunge?

Photo by the Alves Family

Earlier this week, we reported on how few vacancies President Trump has filled in the government’s many massive bureaucracies. But those are the top jobs going unfilled. Pro-Publica, the non-profit, independent news service, reports that hundreds of people have been quietly installed all across the government in mid-level jobs. Justin Elliott co-wrote the story.

Justin Elliott, ProPublica (@justinelliott)

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