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Photo: FBI Director James Comey testifies before the House Intelligence Committee hearing into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 20, 2017. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Opening day of the Gorsuch nomination hearings 6 MIN, 32 SEC

Republicans in the Senate never allowed a vote on President Obama's appointment of Merrick Garland to the US Supreme Court. Democrats have not forgotten. That was clear today as the Judiciary Committee took up President Trump's nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

Mark Jospeh Stern, legal affairs reporter for Slate, has an update.

Mark Joseph Stern, Slate (@mjs_DC)

Political drama intensifies on Capitol Hill 34 MIN, 11 SEC

Director James Comey told Congress today the FBI is investigating claims that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia – and firmly denied the President's accusation that Barack Obama wire-tapped him before the election. "I have no information that supports those tweets."

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee pressed hard on finding the source of intelligence leaks to the news media. We hear more about today's action and what it could mean for both Republicans and Democrats.

Eric Geller, Politico Pro (@ericgeller)
David Corn, Mother Jones magazine (@DavidCornDC)
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone (@mtaibbi)
Ali Watkins, Politico (@AliWatkins)
John Schindler, New York Observer (@20committee)

Politico on Comey confirming FBI probe into Trump-Russia collusion
Corn on Comey (kind of) calling Trump a liar, saying Trump-Russia links still being probed
Taibbi on why the Russia story is a minefield for Democrats and the media
Watkins on the investigation to get to the bottom of Russia’s role in the election

The US is warming up to Saudi Arabia 9 MIN, 33 SEC

President Trump and warming relations with America's oldest ally in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman
speaks with then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter at the Pentagon June 16, 2016.
DoD photo by Senior Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz

President Trump didn't shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week – at least in front of reporters in the Oval Office, but he did provide that courtesy to another visitor: Saudi Arabia's 30-year-old Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. Afterwards, the Saudis called the meeting a "historic turning point," and supported the President's travel ban. Bruce Riedel, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution where he directs the Intelligence Project, says the Saudis are experiencing a historic first, both with the Trump Administration and within their own government.

Bruce Riedel, Brookings Institution (@BrookingsInst)

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