Masks may have come off, but COVID subvariant still spreads

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“We should appreciate and be grateful for the fact that we live in a resource-rich country. And as much as I think we all like to complain, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to get another booster,’ it's pretty quick. People have relatively mild side effects, if they have any side effects at all. And it gives you some durable protection for a few months,” says Barbara Ferrer. Photo by Shutterstock.

LA county’s public health director says while people like complaining about getting another booster, it’s quick and comes with zero to mild side effects. Mandates for masks and vax proof may return if COVID surges again in places like nursing homes and schools.

Highlighting racial disparities reduces fear of the virus among white people, says a new study. As a result, empathy for the most vulnerable people and support for masks and other safety measures drop, too.