‘I didn't need the emotional part. I just wanted the answers’: LA voters after Election Day


On this day after a historic election, many people are glued to their phones, computers, TVs and radios, waiting for the results. There’s a lot of nervous energy and uncertainty. People are worrying about who will officially win, whether results will be fair, and whether violence or civil unrest will break out. 

In Sherman Oaks this morning, many tired-looking people lined up on Ventura Boulevard to place orders at Jamba Juice and the Western Bagel. 

Jacob Casab was having a bagel and coffee with his wife as he processed Tuesday night’s inconclusive election results. He voted for Trump.

“I rather see him there,” Casab told KCRW’s Benjamin Gottlieb. “But if he doesn't get elected, I don't mind Biden either because he's 10 times better than Bernie Sanders. And the choices are people's rights to choose. But yeah, Biden is all right.”

Kelly Loughlin was out this morning, picking up a smoothie. Originally from Michigan and a self-described news junkie, Loughlin said she needed to unplug Tuesday night.

“I didn't need the emotional part. I just wanted the answers, and we still don't have answers this morning after,” Loughlin said.

Roman Padilla walked his small Yorkie mix to get a smoothie too. He’s a former Marine officer and life-long Democrat, but this year was different for him. The pandemic was a turning point.

“I have been following politics a long time and I'm very disappointed with actually the Democratic Party, to be quite honest, because the COVID-19 mandates since March had been very discouraging to me, and I actually voted for Trump,” Padilla said.