Sip these favorite soups to keep warm during LA’s unusual storm

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Miso, ramen, tom yam, beef pho are displayed on a table. Photo by Shutterstock.

LA is dealing with one of its coldest, wettest winters in years, and Eater LA has compiled a list of favorite soups from its staff. Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, clam chowder, vegan pozole and more — there are options for every palette and dietary preference. 

Mona Holmes recommends:

“I definitely lean towards something like Connie and Ted's clam chowder. I think they make a wonderful one.” 

“I also really love a soup that has deep flavors where they roast the bones and or the broth for hours and hours. And for that reason I love a place like Phnom Penh Noodle Shack in Long Beach … they make Cambodian-style noodles, porridge … all of those things are perfect for cool weather.”

Lemon Poppy Kitchen … makes a delicious vegan pozole. I think it's really just wonderful and soulful … you'll be very full.”

“Probably one of the best [vegan soups] is from Shojin. They have a kabocha pumpkin onion miso soup. So kabocha squash. The pumpkin is … so nice, and with the miso making it really umami. The flavor is so delicious.”

Matthew Kang recommends:

“A total surprise on the menu [is] at this restaurant called Yangban Society in the arts district. … They wanted to make Yangban into … like a Korean deli. And so it made sense to do matzo ball soup. It has a cloudy, thick, very schmaltzy chicken broth.”

“My favorite pho place … I searched high and low … I went to this place called Pho Redbo in Garden Grove. And they only use Wagyu beef, and their pho is so clean and pristine but richly beefy.”

“The other place I really like is Sun Nong Dan … and they have a bowl there called tta-roh gukbap. It's an underrated Korean soup … it uses a seasoned cabbage almost, with a deep beef broth, and chunks of brisket. And it's a little bit spicy. So it's got a kick.”