Thai Town pop-up brings crowds for classic cuisine with ambience

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“It is so delicious and wonderful,” says Mona Holmes of the family-run pop-up Rad Na Silom. Photo by Rungthip Sathirathiwat.

In the middle of the block on Hollywood Boulevard in Thai Town is a food stand that’s drawing a lot of attention. Rad Na Silom is a temporary pop-up run by Rungthip Sathirathiwat and her four sons: Sathit, Teerawat, Arthit, and Sakorn. There are only 8 dishes on the menu, but the family has been serving traditional Thai plates to throngs of people since 2020. 

Eater LA reporter Mona Holmes says that as you drive by, the street ambience catches your attention. But it’s also the food and the vibe that draw the crowds in. 

“This makeshift outdoor kitchen with a mother and her four sons cooking 8 dishes for 10 bucks — it is so delicious and wonderful. And also, at the right hour, it can be happening with people just bringing their own beer and sitting down and laughing and getting their grub on. Because this place is very special.”