Flags, chants and beer showers: Meet the LA Football Club’s biggest fans


Los Angeles Football Club is playing well. Now in its second season of Major League Soccer, it’s first place in the league.

LAFC is a big operation with plenty of money and several different owners from the world of sports and entertainment: Magic Johnson, Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, Peter Guber, and 27 others.

But what started out as a business proposition has created a deeply passionate and vocal fan base.

An LAFC game. Credit: Steve Chiotakis.

KCRW’s Bob Carlson (a dedicated LAFC fan) brought Greater LA host, Steve Chiotakis, to a game to show him why this team is worth rooting for.

They sat in a section that’s been dubbed “3252.” 3252 is technically the number of seats in this section, built for its most committed supporters. But it's really not made for sitting. It's made for jumping and moving.

There are separate supporter groups here that represent neighborhoods from all across the city. At the game, they become one group.

Your next chance to see LAFC and the 3252 is on Saturday, July 6.



Bob Carlson