As Koreatown transforms, photographer captures entrepreneurs’ stories

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Ms. Jo is the shopkeeper at Home Mart Plus Co. in Koreatown. “I realized that she had bottled up so much inside her [during the COVID-19 pandemic], and there was not really someone that she could talk to,” says photographer Emanuel Hahn. “She just opened up.” Photo by Emanuel Hahn.

Photographer Emanuel Hahn’s new book, “Koreatown Dreaming,” includes interviews and images of 40 Koreatown business owners who’ve been trying to stay afloat amid COVID and gentrification.

City officials in Malibu recently voted to explore setting up shelter beds for unhoused people outside city limits. Is that legal? And is it right?

Anaheim officials say drug dealing, illegal gambling, and prostitution are happening at two motels on Beach Blvd. The City Council has set new rules for the motels to keep operating.