Some chefs get creative during pandemic to keep customers

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Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin recently released a report that says the food industry has lost about 75,000 jobs. Indoor dining and bars are closed. Some servers, chefs, cooks, bartenders, hosts and bussers are out of work. But that doesn’t mean they are all out of luck. 

Some people in the food industry are testing innovative ways to entice customers to try new food experiences. 

Aliza J. Sokolow uses local Tehachapi grains to bake challah bread and cookies. She donates a portion to nonprofits, including No Us Without You. 

A.M. Smash is a breakfast sandwich pop-up in West LA. It’s run by Stef and Chris Schaldenbrand, who make a living cooking comfort food.

Hits Kitchen is a romantic dinner in a box and singing telegram from the makers of Disco Dining Club.

Laurent Quenioux is a longtime chef who cooks traditional meals at his Riverside home and delivers them to Echo Park and Pasadena for pickups. Order here.