LA celebrates 2 new lesbian bars: Honey’s at Star Love, The Ruby Fruit

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“We are a strip mall wine bar for the sapphically-inclined. And we use that term very intentionally. Because sometimes – not always, but sometimes – the word ‘lesbian’ can be somewhat alienating to members of the gender-expansive community,” says The Ruby Fruit co-founder Emily Bielagus (left). Photo by Jesse Saler.

LA’s last lesbian bar closed in 2017. Now, two new bars for queer women have opened in East Hollywood and Silver Lake, and they’ve been packed.

At two Pride events in LA, KCRW asked queer-identifying people what’s on their minds as several states have been trying to enact anti-trans and anti-drag legislation.

Author Susan Straight’s latest project, 1,001 Novels: A Library of America, was her attempt to find the “real” U.S., far from the blue and red states of TV news.