‘Boleros de Noche’ concert series celebrates 5 years of LA shows with Gaby Moreno

By Kathryn Barnes

A “bolero” is a song filled with love, heartache, and betrayal. The genre originated in Cuba before spreading to Mexico in the 1940s and gaining popularity during the “Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.”

“In my highs and my lows, in times where I've been in love and times where I had my heart broken, bolero has always been there,” says Roberto Carlos, who grew up listening to boleros in Oaxaca and is now the founder of “Boleros de Noche,” a music series in Los Angeles dedicated to preserving the music and re-introducing it to the new generations. 

“These concerts incentivize people to relook at bolero music,” says Carlos, who also plays guitar in the band Tres Souls. They’ll be performing at The Ford this Saturday with headliner Gaby Moreno to celebrate the Fifth Annual Boleros De Noche. “Our effort is to create a platform where these musicians can showcase their talents and showcase that they're also preserving bolero music.”

Earlier this year, Moreno recorded “Bolero a La Vida” with the iconic singer and dancer Omara Portuondo.

“Celebrating five years with Gaby Moreno and Tres Souls, it's a perfect combination because you get a glimpse of the traditional sound, which is Tres Souls, but also something that's evolving like Gaby Moreno, with the soulful jazz Americana influences. It's gonna be special.”

Roberto Carlos (left) plays guitar in the LA band, Tres Souls.



  • Roberto Carlos - Creative director, “Boleros de Noche”, musician, Tres Souls