Garcetti criticizes Caruso and Bass on homelessness. How do they respond?

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An unhoused Angeleno wrote on their tent, “Don’t touch or take nothing,” in Culver City, CA, July 20, 2022. “People in the city and the county have essentially over these years worked to address and reduce the problem, but not with the fortitude of ‘this has got to end,’” Karen Bass says of the homelessness crisis. Photo by Amy Ta.

Mayoral candidates Rick Caruso and Karen Bass defend their plans of quickly moving tens of thousands of unhoused people indoors if elected. To cover new shelter beds and rental vouchers, they plan to turn to the feds. 

Museums, a library, botanical gardens, and maybe even a veterans’ cemetery are part of a redevelopment plan for the Great Park. It all might face challenges from former Irvine Mayor Larry Agran.

On this first day of LAUSD’s new academic term, Heidi Kalin is excited about her eighth grade son having more structure back in his life, and more campus events to choose from.