Fireproofing homes in Malibu: Will some residents' strategies work?

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The 2018 Woolsey Fire threatens the Malibu home of Kirby Kotler, who stayed to fight the flames. Photo courtesy of Kirby Kotler.

There may come a day when fire-prone areas like Malibu aren’t habitable as climate change makes wildfires more frequent and more difficult to control. Some homeowners are spending thousands of dollars to keep their homes from burning, or even risking their lives to stay and fight the fires themselves.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is in Glasgow for the U.N. climate conference, and he tells KCRW that LA is among more than 1,000 cities worldwide committed to following through on ambitious carbon neutral goals. 

At Various Small Fires gallery, visitors can see Ashley Bickerton’s colorful seascapes made with man-made debris washed ashore.