Wildfire insurance: To lower cost, pay to fortify your home

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“Fire insurance has dropped us like, I don't want to say hot potatoes, but they just left us high and dry. It's hard to get a mortgage or anything up here if you can't get fire insurance,” says Kern County Fire Safe Council Secretary Kathleen Weinstein, second from left. Photo by Caleigh Wells.

Wildfire-prone communities can earn better insurance coverage and discounts if they work to prevent wildfires. But it takes time and money that some poorer places don’t have.

The LA County sheriff’s race has been confusing for many. KCRW goes over the nine candidates, their endorsements, and policies.

In the primary election, Orange County will elect new local supervisors, and members to the State Assembly. What policies could change if Democrats take control of the OC Board of Supervisors?