Blah Jobs, Grilling Hagel and Immigration Reform

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The latest jobs report shows unemployment staying the same at 7.9%, but the economy adding 335,000 more jobs than originally estimated. Senate Republicans come down hard on President Obama's choice for Defense Secretary, their colleague Chuck Hagel. They criticized him for positions he had taken on Israel, the Iraq war and the nuclear threat from Iran. Is he too liberal for the Republicans? Obama pledges to put an immigration bill before lawmakers if they don't come up with one themselves. Will immigration reform finally happen? (Joining us today on the Right is the Washington Examiner's Philip Klein.)

Banner image: Retired Senator John Warner (L) makes opening statements at Senator Charles Hagel's (C) confirmation Senate Armed Service Committee hearing to become Secretary of Defense in Washington DC, January 31, 2013. DoD Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo