Boehner, Pope, China and VW Emissions

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Rep. John Boehner announces he will resign the speakership in October. What made him decide to step down from the post and from his Congressional seat? Who will take his place? 

Was it a meaningful visit from the Pope? Was it a way to avoid a fight over funding Planned Parenthood? The Pope's visit continues to captivate the country. What makes his words so important to so many people, including non-Catholics? President Obama meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping. VW used deceitful software to allow its diesel cars to emit up to 40 times the allowed levels of harmful pollutants. It's Donald Trump versus Rich Lowry now.

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left, Robert Scheer ( Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. Our special guest is Erica Grieder (Texas Monthly).

Photo: Speaker John Boehner welcomes Pope Francis of the Holy See to the United States Capitol, September 24, 2015. (Speaker John Boehner)