Chaos in Egypt, NSA Revelations and the GOP

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Violence overwhelms Cairo. Should the administration have stated stronger positions on aid and military in Egypt? More information from Edward Snowden reveals that the NSA broke its surveillance rules thousands of times. But how much information is it culling? Should the leaks continue? The Republican Party convenes in Boston and Chris Christie makes a case for 2016. The RNC declares that the planned biopics of Hillary Clinton should count as advertising for her, and other candidates will need equal time on NBC and CNN. Bob talks about his "I Like Ike" button, and the New York Times adopts his mantra of No Banker Left Behind. The Justice Department blocks a merger between American Airlines and US Air. Support for the one day fast-food strikes across the country. (Joining us today on the Right is Juleanna Glover of the Ashcroft Group.)

Banner image: An injured supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi is treated inside a mosque in Ramses Square in Cairo August 16, 2013. Photo: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters