Drones; SOTU; Rebranding the GOP; the Saturday Mail Shocker

A war over drones erupts amidst confirmation hearings for John Brennan as director of the CIA. Should the President be allowed to use unmanned drones to execute a US citizen overseas without due process or judicial review? Will this question become President Obama's Guantánamo? What should the international norms of behavior be as more countries acquire this technology? Also, the Republican Party tries to redefine itself amidst deepening affects of the recession. The Post Office announces it will drop Saturday delivery. Will Obama talk about unemployment in Tuesday's State of the Union? He skipped the topic altogether in his Inaugural Address. And how to make higher education more accessible. Is going online the answer? (Joining us this week are Byron York and Chrystia Freeland.)

Banner image: Rural mail delivery. Photo by sirwiseowl